ALDE Kimya was founded in Adana by Ali Değişmez at the end of 1970s with its own capital. Since this date, ALDE Kimya supplying raw materials to our industry has taken an important role in the development of the industry in Turkey by supplying raw materials from home and abroad. With the production, ship and container-based imports, ALDE Chemistry has the widest product range in Turkey and serves for every industrial enterprise that has a flare-up. It is the global raw material supplier of many world brands. ALDE Kimya has been accelerating its investments by increasing its production capacity, terminal capacity and product variety with the investments it has made in recent years. ALDE Kimya which serves almost all of Turkey and continues its existence in 3 important regions of Turkey succeeded to be one of the most important companies in Turkey with 51.000 m closed area depot, 45.000m tank capacity. The customer satisfaction that we provide completely inspires the working force at every stage. Every morning, with the excitement of the first day, it will continue to exist in all areas of life.

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